Labradoodle Dog Breed

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The Labradoodle, also at times called the Double Doodle, or Tri Doodle, is a relatively new breed that originated in Australia. Although their two primary ancestral breeds – the Labrador Retriever and the Standard Poodle – have both been used successfully as hunting dogs, Labradoodles have not been bred or promoted for this purpose. They were developed to be used as service dogs that were gentle and easily trained like their Labrador namesakes, but also were relatively hypoallergenic and slow-shedding like their Poodle predecessors. The breed actually was created in response to a request from a vision-impaired woman who desperately needed a guide dog that would not exacerbate her husband’s severe allergies to animals. Well-bred and well-raised Labradoodles make unflappable service dogs and loveable, affectionate pets. Their largely non-allergenic and low-to-no-shed coats make them especially popular with allergy sufferers, allowing them a chance to own and enjoy a canine companion.

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