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The Kuvasz, sometimes called the Hungarian Kuvasz and originally known as the Ku Assa, descends from exotic giant dogs of ancient Tibet. Its name is a corrupted spelling of Arabian and Turkish words that reflect the unparalleled guarding instincts of this large breed. The Turkish term kawasz means “armed guard of the nobility. The Arabian word kawwasz means “archer,” which reflects the high esteem in which the dog was held. The Kuvasz was bred to protect flocks of sheep belonging to nomadic Hungarian shepherds. The breed is known for its keen intelligence, fearlessness and loyalty. It is an intimidating and independent guard dog, known to act on its own initiative when it deems it appropriate. The Kuvasz is related to and closely resembles the Slovakian Shepherd Dog and the Tatra Mountain Sheepdog from Poland. The Kuvasz was accepted for entry into the American Kennel Club Stud Book in 1931 and was given eligibility for full registration in 1974, as a member of the Working Group.

Mature male Kuvaszok should stand 28 to 30 inches at the withers and weigh approximately 100 to 115 pounds. Females should stand 26 to 28 inches measured at the same place and weigh about 70 to 90 pounds. Dogs under 26 inches, and bitches under 24 inches, are disqualified under the American breed standard. The pure white or ivory Kuvasz has a thick double coat that ranges from wavy to straight, with neither being preferred over the other. They shed their coat during hot weather.

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Kuvasz - History and Health

Today’s Kuvasz, smaller than its giant ancestors, was largely developed in Hungary. The Kuvasz was a constant in the European kingdoms and empires that flourished five to eight hundred years ago, although the breed is thousands of years old and probably was brought to Hungary by nomadic Magyar tribes who traveled between Asia and Europe. The Kuvasz is related to the Komondor, according to von Stephanitz, a renowned German authority on Central European breeds. He

Kuvasz - Temperament & Personality

The Kuvasz is one of the oldest Hungarian dog breeds, with roots tracing back to the 15th century, where they were a favorite guard dog for the noble classes. The modern Kuvasz takes his watchdog role seriously, quietly sizing up newcomers before making a decision about whether they are friend or foe. They are fiercely protective of their property, family, and even other household pets. They have a high tolerance for pain, which means Kuvasz

Kuvasz - Appearance & Grooming

The Kuvasz is a large, stately sheepdog with a thick, white coat and handsome head. The head is considered to be the most beautiful part of the Kuvasz and proper proportions are important. The length of head measured from tip of nose to occiput should be slightly less than half the height of the dog at the withers. The width should be half the length of the head. There is a well-defined but not abrupt

Kuvasz - Pictures

The saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Check out the many different Kuvasz Pictures and Kuvasz images. Get an in depth look at the Kuvasz and see the many things that this breed has to offer.

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