Komondor Dog Breed

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The Komondor, also known as the Hungarian Komondor, the Hungarian Sheepdog and the “Kom,” is indisputably the king of all working dogs native to Hungary. The Komondorok (plural) is a massive, visibly intimidating and heavily coated dog best known for his long, heavily-matted white coat. At first glance, the Komondor appears unkempt, but this is his natural coat condition. He was bred to accompany and protect livestock rather than to herd them. His unique coat helps him blend in with the flock. His name may derive from komondor kedvu, which means “somber,” “surly” or “angry.” Alternatively, it may come from the French word commandeur, which means “commander.” Komondor puppies historically are raised with the flock, imprinting their special attachment to them. The Komondor was accepted into the American Kennel Club in 1937 as a member of the Working Group.

Mature male Komondorok should be at least 27½ inches at the withers and weigh 100 pounds or more. Adult females should be at least 25½ inches in height and weigh 80 pounds or more. The hallmark of this breed is its dense, protective topcoat, which covers a thick wooly undercoat. Adult Komondorok are entirely covered with a heavy, permanent coat of tassel-like cords which form naturally. Failure of the coat to cord properly by 2 years of age is a breed disqualification. The coat is always white or some variation of white, such as buff or cream. It should never be brushed or combed.

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