Irish Wolfhound Dog Breed

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Irish Wolfhound


The Irish Wolfhound, also at times known as the Cú Faoil, the Wolf Dogge, the Rough Greyhound, the Big Dog of Ireland, the Irish Dog, the Irish Elkhound, the Irish Wolfdog, the Great Hound of Ireland, the Great Irish Greyhound Wolf-dog, the Canis Graius Hibernicus, the Grehound of Ireland and the Greyhound of Ireland, is a commanding, rough-coated, eyebrowed and bearded hound built for running. It is an ancient breed, today best known for being the tallest of all dogs and having one of the sweetest temperaments in the canine world. Irish Wolfhounds tend to mature later than most dogs; a 6-month old Wolfhound puppy can weigh upwards of 100 pounds and yet not be finished teething. Like puppies of other giant breeds, Wolfhound puppies should not be taken on long, arduous walks or runs, as they are predisposed to developing cartilage and joint problems during their stages of rapid growth. Irish Wolfhounds typically are unsuitable as guard dogs, because they are inherently kind and trustful of strangers. Certainly, their sheer size can be intimidating and by itself deter intruders. Their long tail is unusually powerful, and when wagged can wreak havoc on objects in the home, including humans. The Irish Wolfhound was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1897 as a member of its Hound Group.

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