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Hound Dogs

Hound dogs are known for their long history of assisting hunters in the field. Each breed in the Hound Group has unique strengths in the field. Some hounds are excellent scent trackers. Others are sight hounds, possessing the ability to spot an animal far in the distance and the rocket-like speed to run it down.

Sight hounds are the sleek, speedy, sports-car model of hound, while scent hounds are more sturdy and tough, like a pickup truck. Regardless of the type of hound, all dogs in this group are independent creatures that like to decide on their own terms whether or not they will obey a particular command. This can make them useful in the field, as they won’t stop until they locate their prey, but it can cause problems in the home when your hound dog just won’t come when called. The Hound Group is extremely diverse. The breeds range from the Pharaoh Hound to Beagles, Elkhounds to Bloodhounds. They come in a variety of sizes and coat types, and their personalities range from rambunctious and outgoing to laid-back and nonchalant. All hounds, regardless of size or breed, require supervision when outdoors, and should only be left off-leash in a secure, fenced area. These dogs will take off after small animals or the scent of an animal with laser-focus, even if it takes them into oncoming traffic.

One of the most famous traits of the group is their penchant for baying, not all hounds bay, but many breeds do. Before deciding to share your home with a hound, it’s probably best to observe a baying animal so that you can determine whether or not the noise is something you – and your neighbors – can live with. Despite their noisy quirks, hound dogs of all breeds have proven to be loyal, steadfast family companions. Many breeds are excellent with children, though sight hounds may not be able to control their desire to chase. With consistent training and a bit of supervision, hound dogs can be a great addition to families of all sizes.

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