Finnish Lapphund Dog Breed

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015
Finnish Lapphund


The Finnish Lapphund, also known as the Lapinkoira, Lapponian Shepherd Dog, Finish Lapland Dog, Suomenlapinkoira or Lappy, is a medium-sized dog that has the dense double coat typical of northern breeds combined with the temperament of a herding dog. The original Finnish Lapphunds were used for hunting and protection by the Sami, a tribe of semi-nomadic people who lived in Lapland, which is the northern region of Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia. Eventually, the Lapphund transitioned to a herding dog, as the Sami settled into a more sedentary life of breeding reindeer.

Developed north of the Arctic Circle to live and work outside, the Lapphund's extremely dense coat allows it to withstand extremely cold temperatures. These dogs have soft, sweet, extremely expressive faces which make them look like cuddly teddy bears. They come in a variety of colors, including black, blonde, brown and tan. Still fairly unknown outside of Scandinavia, the Finnish Lapphund is wildly popular in its native countries. The snowmobile has reduced the modern need for reindeer-herding dogs. However, fans of the Finnish Lapphund continue to enjoy its intelligence and enthusiasm for outdoor activities. This breed is ideal for people with active lifestyles. It makes a wonderful family companion and is a competent watch dog.

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