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The Dogo Argentino, also known as the Argentinian Mastiff or the Argentine Dogo, is a pack-hunting dog named after its country of origin. The breed’s direct ancestors are the Cordoba Fighting Dog and a number of other breeds, which were intentionally crossed in the 1920s to create a courageous, tenacious, fearless dog that could pursue and bring down dangerous wild predators while at the same time serving as a trustworthy and stable family companion. The large, muscular Dogo Argentino is almost always pure white, which makes it especially easy to see in the forest or field. This powerful breed is remarkably athletic and agile for its size and can cover ground almost effortlessly. Still relatively rare, they respond best to positive, reward-based training and typically are extremely gentle with and fond of children. The Dogo has been described as a “consummate hunter, a superb companion [and] a wise and elegant guardian.” It continues to excel as a valiant hunter of large prey, and also as a wonderful friend for active, experienced dog owners.

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Dogo Argentino - History and Health

The only dog native to Argentina, the Dogo Argentino is a fairly young breed with a colorful history. It was developed in the 1920s by an avid hunter and dog lover, Antonio Nores Martinez, with the help of his younger brother, Agustin. He wanted a dog that could track and hold large, dangerous predators, such as wild boar, jaguar and puma, while also being sufficiently stable to be a trusted family companion. Antonio started with

Dogo Argentino - Temperament & Personality

The Dogo Argentino is an amiable, outgoing, powerful breed that should never be aggressive towards people. It was bred to be gentle and protective of family members, especially children. However, it also was bred to be a strong, tenacious, fearless hunter of large, dangerous prey. These qualities are sometimes in conflict, although this breed has a remarkable instinctive ability to separate its ferociousness from its friendliness. Dogos can make excellent companions for active, experienced dog

Dogo Argentino - Appearance & Grooming

The Dogo Argentino resembles the American Bulldog in many ways. It is a muscular, majestic dog that typically sports a short, pure white coat. Its forehead is broad, tapering to a narrower but still sturdy square muzzle. The ears of the Dogo are high and widely set. They naturally hang down over the dog’s cheeks and are broad, thick, flat and rounded at the bottom. Some owners elect to surgically crop their Dogo’s ears. When

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