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What Makes a Dog Cute

Have you ever wondered why tiny, fuzzy, little dogs are enough to make even the grumpiest among us stop and gush? What is it about cute dogs that we all love so much? It turns out, there’s actually a science behind “cuteness.” There’s a real reason that even the most heard-hearted people will melt in the presence of a cute and cuddly little dog.

Most of us consider small dogs to be the cutest because they look young. According to evolutionary scientists, young things (babies, kittens, puppies) trigger a protective mechanism deep in our brains. The big eyes and often too-big heads of cute dogs trigger the same protective part of our brain that human babies do. Just as human babies have big, round eyes and funny-shaped lollipop style heads, so to the cutest dog breeds; and just as we perceive babies to be completely helpless, we also perceive cute dogs –whether they are full grown or not - to be vulnerable and needy, and we instantly react to that perceived vulnerability.

If you’re interested in learning more about breeds that could make Ebenezer Scrooge gush like a schoolgirl, visit our Cute Dog Breed Center to learn more about these adorable pets.

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