Cane Corso Dog Breed

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015
Cane Corso


The Cane Corso, also known as the Cane Corso Italiano, Cane Corso Mastiff, Italian Corso Dog, Italian Mastiff and Italian Molosso, is an imposing, intelligent and often intimidating dog whose sheer size and overall appearance cause one to sit up and take notice. It gets its name from the Latin word cohors, which means “guardian” or “protector.” This is one of two Italian mastiff-type breeds that descend from the Roman Canis Pugnax, also called the Canis Pugnases or Roman Molossian. The Cane Corso is not a common breed in the United States. However, it is gaining in popularity. The Corso originated in Italy, where for centuries it served as the guardian and powerful protector of people, possessions and property. The breed also was used to hunt large, difficult, dangerous game, such as wild boar. The Cane Corso was accepted for full registration status by the American Kennel Club effective in 2010. It is a member of the AKC’s Working Group.

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