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Eating Strange Things

Eating Strange Things


How to Stop Your Dog From Eating Strange Things: Learn the potential reasons why some dogs eat dirt and household objects, and discover steps you can take to prevent your dog from becoming sick due to his strange eating habits.

Eating Dirt and Household Objects

We don’t always understand why our dogs engage in certain behaviors, and eating household objects, dirt and other strange things are some behaviors that are still very mysterious and perplexing to pet owners and veterinarians.

While an occasional munch on dirt or round of chewing on a household item is normally not harmful to dogs, a tendency to dine on soil for extended periods of time or to ingest objects can cause a variety of health problems. Dirt and household items can contain harmful chemicals or particles that are not digestible and/or can be dangerous to your dog’s health. If you notice that your dog is eating a lot of dirt or swallowing household objects, it is important to work with your dog to try to break the habit. You will also need to keep an eye out for any signs of health problems that may develop if your dog eats a lot of dirt or strange objects.

Why Dogs Eat Dirt

Veterinarians don't completely understand why some dogs eat dirt, but they do agree that dogs who habitually eat soil may suffer from boredom, mineral deficiencies or behavioral issues.While most pet foods provide all the daily allowances of minerals that a dog needs, some dogs still develop mineral deficiencies. In many of these cases the dogs are extremely active or they are working dogs, and they need more minerals than the average dogs. In rare cases

Risks of a Dog Eating Dirt

One of the biggest dangers for dogs that eat dirt is the stones and other small particles in dirt which cannot be digested. These components can build up in the stomach and intestines, and over time can cause big problems. An abundance of stones and particles in the stomach can interfere with the digestion of foods and the absorption of nutrition. Non digested particles can also become lodged in the digestive track causing life threatening

How to Stop Dogs from Eating Strange Things

Dogs can sometimes eat things that seem impossible to digest. Sometimes dogs eat objects that their bodies cannot handle, and they need emergency surgery to remove the object. If you notice that your dog has a tendency to eat strange objects, it is important that you stop this behavior immediately, or one day your dog could be in serious danger.Most dogs eat strange objects because they are teething, or they are bored. To prevent your

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