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How to Teach Your Dog to Stop Chewing Household Items: Learn the reasons why some dogs chew furniture, shoes and other household items and discover the steps to teach your dog to only chew his designated chew toys.

Problems for Dogs that Chew

There can be some potential problems for dogs with chewing. These problems could be because of behavior issues they may be having. The problems could stem from their age, meaning being a puppy or a senior to not getting enough attention. The behavior of chewing can be damaging to your items, such as clothes, shoes, even carpets. When you see an item that is damaged by what you think is your dog’s chewing behavior, be cautious because there may be more items you’re not aware of yet.

Certain items are chewed on because a system for bad behavior was not instilled in them when they were puppies. Training can be done to correct this problem, but it may be more difficult than compared to when they were young. Taking the time to learn early on that your puppy is chewing on items can help you to correct it before it becomes a huge problem.

Older animals have a tendency to act differently than they used to. Perhaps dogs that used to not chew will suddenly chew on your favorite slippers. When a problem occurs with a senior dog, it becomes more of an issue. The dog may not know what it is really doing. Taking care in scolding the dog at this age is important. Removing the items in question could serve to be a better solution to not having them chewed on anymore.

These certain situations can cause potential destructive chewing behavior in dogs. Taking notice of when your dog starts chewing any of your items is the key to trying to prevent future destructive behavior.

Why Dogs Chew Destructively

Teething happens to puppies just like humans and when teeth start coming in, puppies want something to chew on. The dog looks for something to bite down on whether it is your shoe or a piece of furniture. You may start to see pieces of items all over the place, and this could be a reason why.Lack of activity can cause boredom for the dog in which case they may start chewing on things. You

How to Stop Dog Chewing

If pet owners notice that their dogs are starting to chew a lot, then this behavior can be stopped by breaking the cycle. Every time a dog chews on something it reinforces this behavior. Immediately redirecting the dog’s attention from the chewing behavior can prevent the behavior from becoming destructive. This is a behavioral modification technique, and pet owners can redirect their dog’s attention by taking the dog for a walk, giving the dog something

Why Dogs Chew Furniture

It is really amazing what a dog can do to furniture. Sofas can be ripped to shreds, chairs chewed to bits, and mattresses can be torn and all the stuffing pulled out. If a dog begins to destroy furniture, expensive damage can occur. Whether dogs are small or large, if a dog decides to attack furniture the results can be awful. Fortunately this type of destructive behavior can be stopped once the root cause of

How to Keep Dogs off Furniture

It is not unusual for cats and dogs to jump up on furniture, tables, and counters. If they do so when the owners are present, they can usually be discouraged by squirting them with a water pistol or by making a loud noise (e.g. with a horn, can full of stones, or whistle) whenever they jump up. It is important not to yell or shout when this is done or use physical punishment in response

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