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Dog Adoption Guide: Find helpful information about dog adoption, including how to choose the right dog, sources for adoption, and much more.

Definition of Dog Adoption

In the domestic dog world, the words “adoption” and “rescue” are used interchangeably to refer to acquiring an abused, abandoned, neglected or otherwise unwanted dog. Though animal shelters and rescue organizations can have many dogs in need of rescue, they are not the only option. Dogs can also be in need of a new home when their current owners must surrender them because of some sudden change in personal circumstances, such as eviction from a rental residence, onset of a serious medical condition or divorce.

The decision to adopt a dog requires a great deal of thought, time commitment, resources and affection by the prospective adoptive parents. Before making a decision, potential owners should think carefully about whether they are really ready to adopt a dog and which breed will best suit their lifestyles. With time and research, you can decide if adopting a dog is the right choice for you.

Adopting a Puppy vs. Adopting a Mature Dog

Puppies normally require significantly more attention than do older dogs. They should not be left alone all day and typically will need to eliminate every two or three hours. The housebreaking process can be protracted and difficult unless the puppy is supervised in the house and taken outside at regular intervals to potty. Puppies require training in the basic commands (sit, stay, come, heel, down), which mature dogs often know. During the teething process, where

Identifying a Dog That's Right for You

Acquiring a dog is a big commitment of time and resources. Dogs come in so many shapes and sizes, with widely diverse temperaments and personalities, that potential owners should take as much time as necessary to identify the traits and characteristics that will fit best with their lifestyle. Rarely is the best choice made spontaneously at a shelter or pet store. A good place to start is by researching various dog breeds. The American Kennel

Sources for Finding a Dog to Adopt

There are many places you can look for a dog when you decide it's time to adopt. Local breeders often advertise in the newspaper, and this may end up being the easiest and most convenient way to choose a new puppy. If you are looking to adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue group, the internet is a great starting point. You can make a list of local shelters and organizations, and you can

Find Available Dog's for Adoption

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