Our cat passed away

Our beloved cat of 14 and 1/2 years, passed away Sunday April 30th. He was our entire life- a big black and white domestic longhair whom we loved more than life itself. The pain is nearly unbearable. I haven't eaten in 4 days. I have lost family member's and it didn't hurt this bad. We are having him cremated but will take a couple weeks to get him back. I'm hoping once we do, the pain will subside a bit. Can anyone help us to endure the pain?



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Hello,  so sad to read your post,  yet it helped me escape the reality for a moment.   My 14 year old,  white Angora Cream female cat,  "Winter " just died almost exactly the way you described your loss of your beloved pet,  and do the several posts following.   We walked into our bedroom,  I said "Hello Puppies ", which I have always called my two cats since were kittens.   My 16 year old male, Felix,  and a Winter both greated me.   My wife took her "get home " peeps,  followed by me.  When I got back into the bedroom,  Winter was laying on her side,  made a few odd sounds,  looked like she was having a shake siesure,  then stopped briething.   I tried cat cpr into her nose,  messaged her chest,  but she was lethargic.   Her tongue was out,  eyes open,  but she was unresponsive.   My beloved Winter was gone.  Felix,  the older male, will miss his best friend.   Both are,  were,  indoor cats,  so sure he will be lonely.   Sounds like could be e heart myopathy,  siesure,  or some undetected heart defect.   Thanks for reading this fellow cat lovers...  My wife and I will miss our Winter,  tears will eventually stop.   But the joy she brought to our lives, and Evan the pain in the butt times,  will always be a thought away.   Sleep well my little "puppy ".  Chris Ivanoff and a Jen. 

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