Is Canned or fresh tuna good for dogs?- you decide!
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Is Canned or fresh tuna good for dogs?- you decide!


User Name: Dooley
Parent Forum: Dog Food and Nutrition Forum
Posted: 8/5/2012 5:30 AM

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Tuna canned or fresh as we all know is extremely healthy for you. But I was wondering is it good for dogs? I fed my dog canned tuna in spring water, I drained all the water out though. He loves it and has no effect that I should be concerned about, his waste matter is normal and so is his attitude. I just wanna know if there is anything to know about feeding dogs tuna canned or fresh. I reckon it is good for dogs, what do you have to say about it, tell us why it is or it isn't by replying to this discussion and rating the thread!

- Thanx SO much, paws up!- Thanx SO much, paws up!


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