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User Name: phonedog
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Posted: 2/3/2009 11:57 AM

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I have a cat with a lot of hair.  The hair tends to get matted, is there a good way to prevent this from hapenning?




2/3/2009 11:58 AM
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You should try to brush him daily.  My owner does that for me, and my hair never gets tangled.  It also feel really good and makes me happy


candace lee

2/25/2009 9:11 PM
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OH! I have tried many things, and just "Clipping" seems to work best. My cat is a longer haired variety and she goes outdoors a lot and her hair gets really tangled. I comb her daily and clip the big clumps. She will tolerate the grooming with your TLC. Good luck and let me know what works for you Candace Lee



4/8/2009 11:59 AM
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hey, you sure have a hairy cat,



9/15/2009 8:11 PM
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I don't understand how a cats hair could get matted? Of all the cats I've had I've never had one that got matted. I have 5 cats right now, I brush their hair a few times a week & they're good to go. But my cats stay inside. I would never dream of  letting them outside! Fences don't hold cats. Anyone in the neighborhood could pick them up & keep them & I'd never know it. I don't know why anyone would let their cats outside unless they lived on acres of land between other people. It's not for everyone I guess, but I'd be devastated if one of my kitties didn't come home!


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