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Registered AKC Champion Bloodlines Golden Retriever
Maja gets wormed at four, six, weeks, and got first and second
shots. She has been well socialized and has a great personality.
Rehome fee: 1,250.00 DOB:6/9/17
for more information Please call Clement 281-935-1742 /
[email protected] to find out more about the puppy or to
set up an appointment to come meet your new best friend!

Hi.  I am disabled and live alone with my two service dogs.  My only income is Social security disability.  Banfield Vet Clinic located inside of PetSmart has a program for low income households in which they provide your pet's basic health checks and vaccinations free of charge.  This program allows me to keep both of my service dogs up to date on all of their vaccinations.  Recently one of my service dogs suffered a stroke or seizure....I am not sure.  But Banfield does not cover emergency services nor are they equipped to do the required tests.  Does anyone know of any programs that help pay for the cost or any vets or veterinary schools that can help me?  I live in Gaithersburg MD.  Thanks 

my dog knakita ( alaskan malamute) suffered a spinal stroke 3 weeks ago and initially was paralysed,but due to amazing care and treatment at langdons vetinary hospital bristol,uk,she has regained the use of her right rear leg,im doing physio 5 times a day and driving her to bristol twice  a week to have hydro therapy,but altho she is improving on right rear leg everyday i cant see any improvement on her rear left leg,so upsetting as she drags her left leg when i walk her with a sling,can anyone help me help her,please.

I'm 76 and recovering from cancer. While I shall grow stronger with regard to the latter, I live alone and I'm not going to get any younger!  My dog seems happy with two or three walks of between 20 and 40 minutes a day, and usually a few play sessions with toys around 10-30 minutes each day. He's a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Cross and about five years old (he's a rescue, from Roumania I am told. I cannot let him run off lead as he can be a bit rough with smaller dogs and I'm nervous of this. Am a shirt-changing him?  If so, what should I try to do?

Today our cat suddenly died he had all his shots healthy only 10 months old a little chunky he was mostly a indoor cat  we left the house for a couple hours when my mother called she had stopped by to visit when she was waiting for us to return she seen him laying beside our chairs she started talking to him he always would meow like he was having a conversation with you he didn't respond she started petting him and realized he was extremely stiff and had foam in and around him mouth there was no pee or poop around we are so heartbroken and have no clue what happened please if anyone may have a clue to what happened please share with me



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my chihuahua gave birth to five puppies last week unfortunately 3 died . my dog is drinking a lot of water but not eating and she also scratching her bed the way she did when she was giving birth and she's panting does that mean that a puppy is stuck inside her still ?? 

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My babygirl who is 1 yr and 8 mths as of yesterday came down with wheezing congestion she's a Hapeness and fryzion is it common for these dogs to come down with allergies when she was a baby she was showing signs of allergies I'm worried. 



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Has anyone ever experienced a cat suddenly start panting heavily and drooling like a dog?  Our torbie Pearl has had periodic episodes like this for about three years.  Thankfully they're rare episodes, and the vets say they're  not likely to be fatal as she is breathing and getting oxygen, but they are scary as hell and we race her to the emergency vet.  The vets cannot find a root cause. She has seen a cardiologist, an internist, and a neurologist, had echocardiograms twice and a brain MRI, all normal.  She has a very teeny bit of asthma, but the vet said not enough to cause this reaction and also we had an asthmatic cat and we know what that looks like and it's not this.  She sometimes vomits before and sometimes loses control of her bladder during (though not always), and just kind of goes down limp and starts open-mouth breathing and drooling.  She comes out of it on her own.  Sometimes it's taken longer and she stayed in oxygen at the emergency vet, and sometimes she's out of it even before we get the carrier to take her.  She hadn't had an attack since last fall then had an attack this morning but was largely out of it by the time I found her under our bed, so we are just letting her be and watching her very closely.
The internist says it's anxiety, but she is not a nervous cat at all. She's the only one of our cats who doesn't bolt when the doorbell rings, the only one that lets strangers pet her, and she doesn't even mind the vacuum cleaner. She's really chill. So if it is a panic attack, it is being driven by something physiological but nobody can figure out what.  We wonder if it is some kind of seizure or perhaps an allergy that she suddenly feels like she can't breathe normally and freaks out.  She's an indoor cat.

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