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I came home, my cat seemed tired so was I so I went to bed and the next day I woke up and checked on my cat Jazzy, I first thought he was dead, alone and frantic I think he was in a coma, talked to someone and he was not cold but motionless.  I did not know what to do, called vet when I though he passed and they told me their was only a short time for reviving them.  I was in tears not knowing what to do.  What could have caused him to go into a coma in one day's time without symptoms and then pass?



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Isn't she lovely :)

My fur babies go nuts when they know its time to leave - they are heart broken if they get left behind :)



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Hi my name is caren and my cat name was sauke. He was given to me by my boss, they received him from an older women who was unable to care for him. 
When i brought him home him months ago, he quickly adapted. He was so loving and very gentle. He loved cuddling and kissing. He also enjoyed sleeping in the bed, either next to my head with his head and paw on me, or under the covers next to me, no matter what he love curling up on you. He was very clingy not mean at all. 
I was told he was an indoor cat, he enjoyed the window and laying in the door way outside. He never left the yard or went away for long. He would only go outside if i was there and came right back. On friday i went to work and he didn't want to come in, i didn't think anything of it my fiance would be home soon to let him in. When i got home i notice he wasn't around did feel alarmed. I started noticing it was getting later and no sign of him. I went to call him and nothing i decided to go to sleep i would here him if he came to the door. The next morning i still no sign and figured he was lost and i proceeded to look around. I found him laying on the grass from a distance ( few house down) across the street. I wasn't hundred percent positive so i called my fiance and confirmed it was sauke. We gave him a proper burial and he know at a gulf course over looking the the gulf course. When my fiance works. My fiance told me he did not have any broken bones nor blood or foaming. Its strange to me how he was laying there and i still hope that it wasn't sauke. The only other thing we noticed is he was getting too skinny and sauke eat way too much. I would feed him three cans of food big ones and dry food. I was told that was too much but he never threw up. I was told to cut him back. He only ate salmon, tuna he was a bit spoiled, i give him salmon sticks for treat would break it up for him. Please help!! 

I would welcome any tips to cope with the coming blindness in my little Springer Spaniel bitch.  She is 6 yrs old and just been diagnosed after I thought she was bumping into things in the house.  She is a trained working dog and runs constantly when out in the woods unless I call her to walk to heal.  I feel very sad that this should have happened to her as we enjoyed working on the pheasant shoot in the winter months. My vet suggested I put a bell/tinkle something on my other Springer who is 11 and "joined at the hip with Lottie".  I now know why she follows him everywhere.  Any other tips please?

What are exotic shorthair kitten behaviors like

Our beloved cat of 14 and 1/2 years, passed away Sunday April 30th. He was our entire life- a big black and white domestic longhair whom we loved more than life itself. The pain is nearly unbearable. I haven't eaten in 4 days. I have lost family member's and it didn't hurt this bad. We are having him cremated but will take a couple weeks to get him back. I'm hoping once we do, the pain will subside a bit. Can anyone help us to endure the pain?

I am deciding whether or not to purchase a persian himalayan mix kitten. The kitty does not look like it has the flat face but I was wondering if that can change? I really prefer the doll face. The kitty is pure white like the mother and grandmother.
Also when a cat such as a persian has not been bred with a regular cat does that cause more health problems?  And final question, the kitty is 5 weeks old has not had shots or dewormed, vet check and the price is $550. Any help would be appreciated! 

I'm a carer at home for my wife we have 3 dogs all great companions. Our dobie, a 6 yr. old bitch she's very loyal apart from her barking.



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Bruise my King Charles 14yrs young and has a bad cough can you buy oxygen to help .He has Bronchitis .
I am a Veteran with PTSD and Bruise is my companion so if you can help it would be great
Thank you for taking the time to read this  

Richard L Grant  

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