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We found out that constipation in cats is quite common. Our one guy had this problem for over a year. We tried everything. He wouldn't eat pumkin, squash or any of the things that are supposed to help.We researched like crazy.  It was so difficult for him that he developed litter box aversion  ( a behavioural issue because he related the box to his pain). This made it equally difficult for us. The long and short of it is, we finally tracked down a food that worked beautifully. It's called Medi-Cal Gastro Intestinal and made by Royal Canin. After a few days he was calm again and now uses the litter box again. if you have a cat with these symptoms give it a try. We were able to buy it at the Veterinarians. Good luck!

PS: there is no benefit for us if you buy the product, other than hopefully helping cats and cat owners alike.



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Our female shi tzu has this growth on the side of her right arm. Near the paw. Its been for years. We did get it checked by the vet like 4 years ago. He tested it with a needle (not a biopsy, I dont think, didnt call it that) and he said it was just a pocket of fat.

Well its a bit bigger now and kinda hard. Just wondering if it could of turned into cancer. It doesn't seem to bother her at all. She lets you touch it and her whole arm. So Im pretty sure its not causing bone pain or anything. Had her since 1999. Thanks for any thoughts.

Can anyone tell me what this is that has appeared on my Springer Spaniel's belly?



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can some one help me with why my dog died i belive that she should have not died it was a worng full death.

I know About a week ago, our 3 month old kitten almost died. She has always been healthy aside from an incident she had drinking chocolate milk about a month before. We believed she had fully recovered as she was back to her normal self. She was playing, running, eating,etc. that morning. I called her name. She ran into living room and started doing uncontrollable flips. I realized she could not breathe! I attempted the Heimlich but she still was not breathing. My wife did a finger sweep because we thought she had choked on something. Nothing  helped. She was not breathing. About 2 minutes later her body was going lifeless.Then my wife did rescue breaths. Eventually she began to breathe shallow breaths by herself on our way to vet.We got her to vet. They  stabilized her, put her on oxygen. The next morning she was sent home because she was eating on her own!They found pneumonia. Put her on antibiotics. But her neurological motor skills are damaged. She mentally is still sharp. But her walking and running is highly erratic and uncoordinated. We figure she got brain damage from oxygen deprivation.The vet has no idea what happened to her. The X-ray showed no object to cause choking. I don't know if she had a seizure. We are just glad she is alive right now.

Does anyone know if a breeder can breed any two types of breeds together?  For example, does size matter.  Could you actually breed a chihuahua with Labrador retriever? 



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in my picture there is two dogs...the one at the back is alsation cross something but i dont know what??...any ideas???....shes two years old now wont grow anymore and no matter what sort of diet she is put on she wont gain any wheight really confused


My cat has been sick for years with itching.  He's lost most of the fur on his belly, tail, and face.  He has small circles of lost fur in his ears but they are not sores.  We've tried all the food allergy trials and he does not respond.  Recently taking a treatment of Profender seemed to help, and he got his fur back and doesn't itch as much.  But he has to take a treatment every three weeks or he's back at it. 

Over the last three months he's developed a red eye.  He scratches it and there are sores all around it and his ears.  I thought he might have toxoplasmosis so I got him a treatment for it and it seemed to work but he couldn't keep taking it because it made him sick to his stomach.  Now the eye has turned Glacoma and they want me to remove it!  I know this won't solve the underlying condition. 

I am hoping someone out there has heard of this!  Please help if you can!



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Hello yes I want to discuss my Pekingnese behavoir. I adopted him on 02-18-2012 from the local Animal Shelter. He is about 2-3 years old. However  he very cute, playful and loveable. But...... When I pick him up he lets me however when i am putting him down, he gets aggressive to the point of biting me and then he will go in a circle biting his tail. Does anyone have any ideas. Someone mentioned it might be anxiety separation. How do I deal with it. Any suggestions for me.

My newly adopted dog  - female, 1 and 1/2 yrs, pit-boxer-lab mix - just had a seizure. It was a grand mal, fully involved. She had one other seizure 11 days ago at the shelter. Any suggestions on whether we should have her seen by the vet before Monday or not?

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