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My kitten is 3months old and since I bought her at 6 weeks old from a vet she has tried to suckle on any part of my skin which is uncovered eg; arm, neck, hand. She is a happy healthy kitten with a good appetite and enjoys the company of my 10 month old maltese puppy who just loves her. The kitten does not attemped to suckle on the puppy but any member of the family with a bit of uncovered skin is suckled on. Has anyone encountered this behaviour in a kitten? if so I would appreciate any suggestions or comments on it. Thankyou

Has anyone else heard that the Old English Sheepdog was just added to the watch list for possible extinction?  Which brings up an interesting question, is it legal to own an animal that is on the endangered species list?

Hope someone can help as we are currently looking after two King Charles Spaniels for friends while they are on holiday. Both spaniels have been dressed but one smells as if she is in heat. Is this normal or do you think we should see a vet?

Kind Regards

As luck would have it the puppy I decided to purchase has a heart murmur. She is 6 weeks old and the breeder has decided not to charge me for her even tho I insisted he keep money for the vet visit. That alone has me scared and I'm wondering what his vet told him. That in itself is very upsetting. On a scale of 1-6 where murmurs are concerned she is between a 2-3. :( I've been wanting this puppy for a couple of weeks so my heart is set on her. I'm going to go ahead and get her because I'm afraid she might be put to sleep by the breeder. I will set up a profile for her in a little bit. But I know so little about heart murmurs in puppies that I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of puppies born with heart murmurs? I'm getting her tomorrow and taking her to my vet next week. And depending on what my vet says she might have to go to a cardiologist and if they say surgery will save her I'll do it. Even if it means getting a loan. I'm sure heart surgery will not be cheap. :( Anyone have any dealings with a puppy born with a heart murmur? I also heard that it can go away as the pup gets older. But if she's a 2-3 on the scale of 6 it seems doubtful, to me anyway. Thanks!



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Bad Breath in Cats... what causes it? how to cure it, and avoid it in your cat?



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I'm pretty sure when we take our dog Maya, to her fifth visit to the vet, they're going to tell us she has osteosarcoma. :( She suddenly had fever and chills an did not want to move. The vet saw "moth eaten" bone in her hind hock and a blip in her lung. We are so devastated that our sweet 8 year old Vizsla's life may be at it's end. 


I have a 6 year old male Tabby cat, he has lived his life with my at my percentage with 3 other cats until last summer, when we lost a cat, and since then has lived with two other cats. I recently loved into a condo and after a week with him there with me, I had to begin commuting out of state for work, every week and sometime every other week, coming home on weekends.  After a week here, he seemed to settle in, I think he was a bit lonely, because he always had other cats with him even when we were all at work, but I had to then take him back to my moms since I am commuting.  I am home now for Christmas for over 2 weeks, and would really like to bring him here with me until I leave again.  I am just afraid this will do more damage than good.  I just miss him so much while I'm away and afraid he will forget who I am.  He is the most personable cat we have, never hid when people came over, not scared of much. But, I be did take a few days to adjust when I brought him to my condo, and than again when I took him back to my moms.  Is this too damaging for him?  Thanks! 



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miiko is 5 month old but her face is not growing like any other scotties
her ears stand up 2 months ago but her face remains the same

does her face grow longer?
her dad is really handsome thou
i want her to b a beauty

Arthrities pain relief - please advice
My 2 year old husky has arthritis in her hips, are there any natural forms of pain relief that might help her? Massage, herbs, etc?
How safe are oral medications like Pet Bounce -  ?
thank you

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