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I just want to state that i think german rottweilers should be in the top ten dog breeds they are a wonderfull animal and an amazing family pet i have three of them and a two year old and they all get along like family they are an absolute joy to have around

In case your dog gets too many hiccups and you don't know what to do, then here are some points which you must remember.



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I just bought a 4 month old puppy and was wondering what breed she is I know shes a mix but other than that I dont know can someone help me figure it out

Our 17 month old Maltese dog is happy and healthy and the love of our lives she is house trained and uses puppy training pads for urinating at night. She has her own bed and lots of toys. She has a walk every day and wrestles in a friendly way with our cat who is the same age and we got them both on the same day so they have always been happy with each other. The dog has begun to chew and lick her right front paw just up to the top of her toes she doesn't do this to any other part of her body. There is very little hair left on her toes.

Shih Tzus,her name is Molly and she was 2 in April
She has always been a very happy and loved being around people,for the last month and half if not longer,she has become very withdrawn and seems to be nervous,this is really out off personality.
I have taken her to vet a few times but they cant find anything wrong.
when I take her out she loves it and has plenty off walks which she always has had,will run around play with other dogs etc.
In house is where the change happens looks very tired at times and fed up.
goes into a room on her own rather than be with company.
when called she will not come,she does sleep with me at night and is happy then seems relaxed.
I have even thought she may of been mistreated but there hasnt been a chance for that as far as i know.
when i go out i leave back door open for her as i have a yard with very high walls,but she will stay in bedroom.
Can,t think what else to say there is more i am so worried and my daughter who is 19 has also noticed all this.

I recently adopted a cat. They seem to be accepting of each other. The problem is my resident cat wont eat in front of the new cat. i have put a bowl of food and water in the basement but its hard to monitor how much hes eating. I am worried about him developing fatty liver diseAse.



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Does this little girl look like she'll be a mini size or a standard? She's about 7 weeks. 

My cat just moves to chase a little yarn when we play.  One thing I thought was so cute was when I tied a little to my shoe and walked around the house.  She chased the string all over, and I learned it was a great way to for some indoor fun while its cold outside.  I guess we all get a little cabin feaver:)

We are beside ourselves.  Our perfectly healthy (or so we thought) 9 y/o female cat died suddently Sat night.  I put her down and she ate and drank, then went in to our daughters bedroom with her.  We noticed nothing abnormal.  "TJ" was on the bed responding to our daughter with her normal meow, and a few moments later.....I will describe as our daughter did, since I was in our room ... TJ's hind legs collapsed and she slid off the side of the bed onto the carpeted floor.  She let out some kind of meow and shook. Our daughter grabbed her and ran to our room...she said she could feel her heart beating fast, but by the time she got her to me, TJ was taking her last breaths.  I checked her throat thinking she may have choked, but found nothing....everything happened so fast.  She quit breathing, and I could not feel a heart beat....however, we waited a while to bury her, just in case.  In fact, we were so afraid, we waited until we felt coolness.   She showed NO signs of anything, but looking back now, I remember thinking a few days prior that her face looked fuller.  I am sick over her loss...shocked.  Her coat was beautifully shiney, and she was not overweight.  Inside cat, except, that she did love to sit on the front porch.  She didnt wonder off.  Does this sound like a heart attack?  Did I miss something?  Hope someone has some insight............

Hey everyone, I wanted to start going on a diet and loose a few extra pounds.  Is there a a way I can get more exercise inside of the house?

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