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Cotyledon.this is a plant that my cat ingested and this is all that we have been able to find out about it.  He is now is the vet and kidneys have shut down etc  

need to know about this plant
anyone out there help out

I have a 13 yr. old chihuahua she is 16 lbs. about 2 months ago she started having a lunp on her stomach it was hard at first then 1 week ago it got very soft. I had started her on lots of different herbs. this has not stopped her she still does her normal things eats drinks and go outside. I took her to a vet and she said since it already drained she should be fine. well my problem now is it keeps filling up with pus if it closes up, also she has hard lumps about the size of a quarter of a cupcake. I have no more money for a vet now, I am at my wits end please help///////////



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  I adopted a cat named Callie from creigslist. He didnt tell me how old she was until i looked at her vet records when it said she was turning 11 this coming up december. I didnt care how old she was because she was the sweetest cat. Every night she would lay on my chest or back and fall asleep. Well yesterday afternoon me and her were taking a nap together she was acting normal, perfectly fine even. I left for a couple hours and come home and she was under the bed (which was usual). I go to pick her up and she lets out a low long meow and i thought it was nothing so i continued to head to the living room with her. Then i layed her on the couch and i knew there was something wrong rightaway! She let out the same low meow and went limp. Her breathing was heavy and her mouth was wide open with her tongue to the side. This happened at 5. We put her on a blanket in my room to be more comfy and hope she would ride it out. She was still very limp but she tended to move a little bit i tried making her drink some water and she wouldnt really take it. She pooped twice and moved around then by 8 her breathing dropped dramatically and she would let a distressing low meow out then by 8:30 her breathing was now gasping! She would take one long gasp and wouldn't do it again for multiple seconds and she would make soft meows. By 8:40 she passed. Can anyone tell me what was wrong with my Callie? 

Why does my Min-Pin do the following. She paws the ground and sniffs then rolls over and pushes herself across the area as if sexually aroused (my take on the behavior...not a great description)?

He may be a mix, who knows..all I know is that he resembles a gremlin, but I think he's handsome! People look at him like "what the $#@$ is THAT?" All the time. Here are a couple pics..

Hello. I just would like to know what kind of breed is this dog? Is it a labrador?
see link:

Thank you!



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We recently adopted a dog from the SPCA and all the info they had was that she was a terrier mix. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I think she's about 5 months old now.

Any guesses about what breed Kiwi may be? He's mixed for sure. He weighs about 25 lbs, curly tail, webbed feet. He loves to retrieve, and he also digs /sniffs.  (I hope the pic link works.)

American bulldog puppies are available... Come and join the discussion or send a reply email.... heres the chance to own a top notch puppy..or visit us on join the discussion.... or you can reach me at 832 453 2151



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    I have a male neutered 4 yr old German shepherd/ greyhound mix, named Moose. I have had him and his sister since they were puppies and I have 2 other dogs that I had before. Moose seems to be "resource guarding" me. I have read about correcting "resource guarding" but what if the "resource" is me? He does not like it when my husband raises his voice or if we rough house at all. He also does not like it when I play with the other dogs or give them attention. He will get up abruptly to cut off one of the other dogs if they are coming to me. If he is not in his crate, he is sitting by me with his ears back very anxiously looking around the room. A lot of what I have read has been how to fix the problem if the dog guards the "resource" from his human. But the problem I have is that he guards me from anyone else. Moose has attacked my other dog multiple times because of this. How do I correct the problem? How to I stop my dog from seeing me as a "resource"? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :)

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