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Hi everyone,

My cat Clarence is not in good health. He was FIV positive from the start so that usually makes any diagnosis/prognosis worse. Right now he has been suffering from kidney disease (CKD) and has been taking prednisolone for it- his bloodwork results showed elevated values for creatinine and Blood urea and he's lost a lot of weight. But the worst thing is his extremely low red blood cell count, which is like off the charts. He hasn't been openly losing blood, yet he's very anemic and he doesn't seem to be getting enough nutrition from his diet of only canned high quality food, and recently mostly renal diet  food. The doc says it could very well be LYMPHOMA or IBD that is making him have this condition, and because he's FIV + that there's not very much that cn be done for him going forward. Does anyone out there have any experience with this and maybe some tips that they can share with a very depressed cat-mom? thanka.

I notice my cat having trouble breathing, he was 7 yrs old and never ever had a medical problem. I chose to take him to the vet. He was a indoor cat that never went out, half way there he stared to meow then 15 seconds later he let out one loud MEOW. I kept going while I pumped he's little chest. I am sad to report he past, I cried, I must tell you im 53 230lb strong man but this hurt bad, he was my buddy. I ask myself what could I have done different? I have asthma should I have used my puffer on him, should I have waited to see if it past, I don't know and have been beating myself up over this. I just don't have an answer. I need to tell my daughters who are both at school, I waited to this weekend. what could I have done different, I think the stress from the ride may have caused this but doing nothing would have been bad. i just dont know. i will miss my dew man, he was a loveable guy. sad dad looking for answers. :(  

Penn is now 5, rescued in Georgia at the age of 1, we believe she is a BT, or a mix with BT. She is a loving, playful, funny little character. As described here on the website, she loves everyone and everything she comes in contact with. Especially loves to go for rides in the car! I.couldn't ask for a better dog.



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How do I get Jeddah to stop playing rough/biting my smaller dog ?



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These types of dogs are very smart and intelligent. I say these words from experience with my four month old Golden Retreiver. They will, however, chew on anything they can get there teeth on. From pillows to shoes to even kitchen chairs. If you are thinking about getting one of these types of dogs you are making a very good choic, but remember to always have "Bitterapple Sray" handy to spray there nose if they are bad.



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Yesterday morning I woke up at 8 to my cat lying outside my bedroom door on his side, struggling to breathe and drooling. I listened to his heartbeat, which seemed normal. He was meowing softly, struggling. This continued until 8:15 am. 

He was only 4 and a half, and an outdoor cat. He was up to date on everything. In the car to the vet, he was meowing loudly and struggling. I pet him, and he looked scared. Finally after petting him for a moment he became quiet. We got to the emergency vet at 8:50. They took him into the back and within 30 seconds they came back and said, "He's going into arrest." I ran back and it was too late. They said there was fluid filling his lungs and abdomen. They were keeping him alive manually. He went into arrest a second time. I didn't have the funds to keep going. They were going to charge me 2000 dollars. I'm taking him this morning to be cremated. I just wish I knew what happened to my baby. My poor poor baby is gone and no one can tell me why!! Please give me some insight. This hurts so much. The vet there said that it could have been a tumor. 



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I just read where it said to put hot pepper on your dogs feet to stop the licking. Thats insane! Thats cruel. Did you ever have an itch? Dont agree with anxiety or mental problems or boredom. The dog had some kind of skin infection. Could be systemic. Sometimes yeast. Regardless, never punish the animal by hurting him more. Thats just mean and abusive.

I re.moved a very large tick off my yorkie yesterday. She has a very big bump on her skin where the tick had bitten her. Does any one know what I can do for her.thank you.

They love to laze around, when they aren't barking at everything that moves. 

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