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Does anyone  have experience with dogs that are half pyrenees and half anatolian shepherd?  if so can you elaborate on positives or negatives.  I am considering getting a puppy as  a pet.  i have had a male pyrenees and he was a wonderful dog.

Hi, I am a little confused about what breed of cat to get because originally I was thinking a Burmese but read that it is better to have 2 as they require a lot of attention.


This will be our first indoor cat, our 11yr old dog recently passed away :-(


So if anyone can help with breed selection, that would be great!


Here is some info:

* I have two young boys, school age (5yr and 7yr)

* The cat would be on its own only 3 days a week (approx 8.30am - 3.30pm), I only work 3 days a week. Obviously on the weekends we might go out on Sundays...etc and on my days off I might duck out to the shops...

* It would be an only cat, we really don't want a second cat.

* I would love the cat to be playful, but also love to snuggle on our laps.

* I really don't like the idea of having a lot of hair around on the furniture or clothing, so would prefer a low shedding cat. Am I right in saying that even domestic cats shed quite a bit in comparison to some other breeds?

I really want to choose the right breed, your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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hey everybody,
my wife and i have a 16 week old boston terrier puppy named rico. we love him with all our hearts, but he's a real handful at times. he's very smart, and tends to act like he can't hear us when he's doing something shady. he chews a lot of stuff up, including the "replacement" bed we just got him, and had to toss out. he playfully nips people, sometimes pretty firmly, causing pain. we walk him a lot, and even have him walked 2x daily while we're at work. but he still acts out. lately he's really been testing my nerves. i try to be a good caretaker, and when i come home from work, i always sit down with him first for at least 20 minutes. i know a lot of this stuff is just puppy behavior, and puppies are like babies. when he gets me angry, i try to keep calm, knowing that punishing a dog can confuse them. i know it makes dogs act even more stubborn. someone told me that getting rico clipped will calm him down a little bit.he does try to establish dominance with me, which is rather comical at times. i've held him down several times, pinning him down for 3-5 minutes at a time, which has changed his perspective. someone told me that even allowing a dog into your home first gives him the impression that they have the reigns. not sure how acurate that is. i really love this dog, and i hope we have him for a long time. i'm def. willing to do what's necessary to improve our relationship. ANY BOSTON TERRIER OWNERS WHO COULD THROW SOME ADVICE MY WAY? ANY TWO CENTS WOULD BE APPRECIATED.


I have a 6.5 month old puppy.  I got her at 2 months. When I first got her I noticed she would occasionally Yawn and Whine/Yelp when she was tired and we were walking.

Now at 6.5 months she seems to do this Yawn/Whine/Yelp more often.  I take her to run each morning for 30 minutes then we go on her 15 minute slow walk in the neighborhood. A few hours later the Yawn comes in, with the Whine sound.  

She seems to be fine, no limping, loves to eat her meals, and play.  Could she just be a vocal dog, or bored,  Just trying to understand.   Thanks



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whats everyone's favorite type of breed?

house with kids
moderate activities 
new to owning a dog




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my yorkie pup is 5mos and is full of playfulness. we do walk and play. he barks, jumps on me, biting....nipping at my heels, pulling at my pant legs. my house looks like a 2yr old lives here. he has a lot of toys and plays with all of them. He will not come to when he is commanded  he is a very needy pup. he is coming close to the age to be fixed...will this help in his behavior?
I am thinking about a trainer, what is you opinion? I am open to suggestions.

Hi,  I just purchased a shih tzu maltese mix.  Her nose is gun metal, eyes are light grey and she has shed much of her newborn coat (she is 11 weeks old).  She looks like she has bald spots, but hair is growing back.  Her hair appears black until she is in sun and it looks more dark grey.  The new hair is lighter.  Will her hair grow in good?  She is perfectly healthy and seems to be very smart.  She is affectionate and playful.  Should I be concerned?  I was told she couldn't be a blue because she is mixed, but everything points to otherwise.


I've recently welcomed two 10 week old kittens into my home, a brother and sister from the same litter. They have their litter box which they both use, however the female for some reason pees in other areas of the house when I arrive home from work, or when I release them from the kitchen/conservatory area in the mornings. So far she has peed on the sofa in the lounge and on the door mat. There is no sign anyway that she pees whilst I am out or during the night. It seems she only does this once I return home. 

Its become a regular thing now and she does it in the morning, then again at lunch when I pop home for an hour and once more when I first get home. All other times she uses the litter box. 
She is definitely not ill as I've had the Vet check her over, but I'm at a loss to understand why she does it and how I can stop it. Any advice would be much appreciated. 



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My neighbors have 3 dogs they stay in cages all day outside they are fed and watered and occasionally let out to roam but they are left outside all day and all night it's summer so it's hot I'm kind of scared they will get heat stroke or something like that I haven't called because they a shaded by trees but it's still hot and they have a daughter Should I call please Help

I've been feeding my dog kibbles n bits since he was 3 weeks old when I adopted him he likes it I want to know if it's healthy for him he's a pitbull and I can't really afford expensive dog food so I get that for him I just wanted to know if it's healthy 

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