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Hi Can anyone help ? all the cats I have had before have been spade so this is all new to me . we got a Russian blue kitten who is 10 months old now and she has had 3 lots ok coming into heat the last 2 were only about 2 weeks apart and were before Christmas , it has now been 5 weeks since the last one and I was just wanting to know if that is normal to have such large gaps between . She is an indoor cat so has never been out so no chance of her being pregnant but at some point in her future we would like her to have kittens . Just wanted to know if everything is ok with her , should I be worried that it has been so long since the last cycle . Any advice would be much appreciated . thanks  


The photo of the white dog in Scottish Terrier section is not a Scottish Terrier but a west highland Terrier. Scottish terriers have erect ears not floppy ears.  Please remove. Scottish Terriers are never white, only black, wheaten (golden color) and brindle.



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I want a bosto n terier puppy, can anyone refer a breeder in DE-PA -NJ Ma area

On Tuesday morning of this week, our cat, Flower, died suddenly.  It has been very traumatic for us.  He was nine had been to the vet six months prior and had no symptoms of anything.  He experienced the same morning he always did, with the same energy level.  He bounced around the bed for a while, knocked some stuff off my dresser, the usual.  With no warning, he suddenly cried out, collapsed in a seizure with a little bit of foam at his mouth and was dead in seconds! 

My fiancee could not abide an autopsy.  Can anyone help me?  I need to know what likely happened in order to put this behind me.  Any idea what might have happened to him? 

Hello, I feed a toy poodle in China. Now i study in Germany.
My dog's name is Bao, 4 years old, 1.6kg, shoulder height´╝Ü20cm.
He had some symptoms on 21 Nov. 2016. He only could slant his head,couldn't straighten his head. He couldn't control his pace well, he kept to turn around in a place.
Doctor told me that he got Congenital Hydrocephalus when he finished the Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) checkup on 23 Nov. 2016.
The doctor suggested that use the expectant treatment to keep his life.
Bao's simulation became stable when he used the medicien called mannitol, at the same time he kept using Prednisone and Mecobalamin to protect and repair his nerves.
He became better after 8 days treatment. Now he can control his head and pace, But sometime he still turns around in a place about 40 seconds and then he can sit. He always stare blankly one place for 2 minutes or longer time.

I want to bring my dog to Germany.
I need to consider many problems.
Whether he can come Germany by airplane?
I can't sure whether fly will hurt his brain again.
Whether there are better treatment in Germany?
Which hospital and treatment is better for my dog?



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    i have a puppy and its area under the armpit and legs has a red rash what could this be



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    what foods are best to feed a nursing dog

    My GSP is nearly a year old now and I can not get him to stop putting his face right up to mine, standing on me, and pulling while walking him on the leash. He has never bitten me, never growled at me or even gave me an inkling of being aggressive in that manner. He plays well with children and plays well with most other dogs that don't get annoyed with him being all up in their business. Does anybody have any thoughts or suggestions on how to stop these behaviors? Also, I walk him around 5-10 miles a day and also exercise him because he is a very high energy dog, which is what I wanted to help me with my PTSD from my years in the Army and the Air Force. Please help! :)



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    This is my female's second breeding, her first was with an unfamiliar dog and everything went fine.  She was 2 and a half yrs old then.  I bought my own male and they have grown together, i skipped her next heat,  and then the next one came 1 month late and now each time my male mounts and when he is about to penetrate she screams and trys to attack him, even though she stands for him.  This is not his first mating, he know's his business.  I have muzzled her, held her, massaging her.  But at the point of penetration she act's like it hurt's.  What could be wrong?  



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    My cat books ran out my door 3 days ago I looked everywhere for it couldn't find it. I left for work and my daughter was left to look for it she couldn't find it either. The next morning I found it outside on the grass dead with her eyes popped out the socket. I don't know what happened to it I asked all the neighbors no one has seen or heard anything. I have a question does cats get longer and skinnier when they die? My heart is so broken I cannot stop crying.

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