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UTI and L-Lysine

This seemed to work for us.  Hope it helps someone.L-L mashes and dissolves in water easily to give by syringe....

Any cheap solutions to remove fleas from dog?

Hi, I'm Chris, I'm new here, I'm a volunteer for an animal rescue charity in Cebu, Philippines.  I recused 2...

Cat dander

My cat is an older cat but I've only had her 2 years, her last owners couldn't keep her any...

Dog Grooming

Dog grooming today is important and can promote good health, but it's also a another way to show off your...


Last week my cat started to refuse his snacks and for him that was unusual.  He always just went somewhere...

Cat Sudden Death

On Tuesday morning of this week, our cat, Flower, died suddenly.  It has been very traumatic for us.  He was...

My Buddy Boots

Im Sooo Heart Broken;( my Buddy Boots just passed away in front of me, we woke up this moring as...

Male dog chasing recently fixed female???

I recently had my female dog spayed (A day or so ago) but from the moment I brought her home,...

Polycythemia in dogs

I was wondering if anyone has information on treating Polcythemia in dogs. I have a two year dog who was...


Hey, does anyone have a kitten that fetches crisp packets? They have to be made up in a triangle and...

How many hours should a dog sleep

Does anyone know how many hours a dog should sleep for?   I would imagine age plays a factor, but...

Bushing Dogs Teeth

I have heard that you should brush your dogs teeth, but I dont.  Does everyone here brush their dogs teeth?


My cat has her quirks, nothing to be concerned about i think but one thing bothers me that i don't...

Doberman with behavioral issues

Hello. I met a family a couple weeks ago with a 4-year-old Doberman Pinscher, named Diablo. I love this breed!...

Crate training a puppy-advice please

I have a 10 week old staffie and am using a crate for him - at night I put him...

My 10 year old cat passed away:(

Three days ago we noticed a lump on my cats forehead just above her nose. It was very large. It...

vomiting dog

Good midnight, my dog suddenly vomit and never stops vomit; looks like bubbles with yellowish liquid and sticky) he can't...

What breed is this guy?

http://imgur.com/O1sfCQ4This is my awesome dog Melvin. I've been trying to find out what breed he is with no luck. My...

Beautiful.. what breed??

Hey there everyone, My girlfriend and I saw this dog on our trip through Italy in a town called Matera. We...

Peanut Butter

I use to coat Brooklyn's pills in peanut butter before I gave them to her. The kids also use to...

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