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Skin Tumors

Skin Tumors in Cats: An Overview

Tumors, commonly called masses, cancers or neoplasms, are composed of new, abnormally fast-growing tissue that serves no useful purpose for the affected animal. Tumors of the skin (cutaneous) and subcutaneous soft tissue (between the outer layers of skin and the inner layers of muscle or bone) are visible lumps or bumps often seen or felt by owners. Skin tumors are the most frequently diagnosed form of cancer in companion cats.The effect of skin tumors on

Types of Skin Tumors in Cats

Skin tumors are among the most commonly diagnosed neoplastic disorder in domestic animals, including both cats and dogs, probably because they are so readily noticeable. The skin is the largest organ in the body, and obviously it is regularly exposed to outside environmental hazards such as ultraviolet radiation, chemical carcinogens and bacterial, fungal or viral microorganisms. A variety of skin tumors occur in cats, and older cats are particularly at risk. If you notice any

Treating Skin Tumors in Cats

A number of skin tumors can occur in cats, and most owners will find unexplained lumps and bumps on their pet at some point during its life. While skin tumors can be harmless, sometimes they are malignant or proliferative and invasive and deserve prompt medical attention. A veterinarian is the best person to assess skin tumors and determine if a given bump is a benign pimple, cyst, skin tag or abscess, or if instead it


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