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Seizures in Cats: An Overview

A seizure is the clinical manifestation of excessive electrical activity in the cerebral cortex of the brain. It is commonly referred to as a “convulsion.” The location and extent of this abnormal electrical activity determines how the seizure is seen clinically.Seizures can occur in cats of any age, sex or breed. Seizures involve any combination of uncontrollable, involuntary, excessive or reduced motor activity, alteration in consciousness or other physical disturbance. The abnormal electrical activity in

Seizures vs. Fainting

There are a number of different conditions that may lead to change of mental status or changes in body muscle activity.Generalized seizures are the most worrisome to observe. Generalized seizures are uncoordinated spasms of muscles that produce very significant movement of body, head and limbs. The animal will be down and twitch uncontrollably. Often, a pet will pass the bowels or urine, and may salivate and vocalize. A simple seizure is over in a couple

Causes of Seizures in Cats

Seizures in cats most often occur due to trauma to the brain, viral or bacterial infections, poisonings, or overdoses of drugs. Underlying medical illnesses may also cause seizures to occur, but in many cases the cause of the seizures remains undiscovered.Any type of injury to the head can cause seizures. For cats, the most common type of trauma that results in head injuries is due to car accidents and dog fights. Viral or bacterial infections

Symptoms of Seizures in Cats

A seizure is the clinical manifestation of excessive electrical activity in the brain. Seizures in cats are often characterized by distress meowing, muscle stiffness, loss of bladder and bowel control and paddling of the legs. The length of time a seizure lasts often depends upon the severity and type of seizure the cat is experiencing.Cats of any breed, age or sex can be affected by seizures. Most affected cats have localized seizures which present as

Treating Seizures in Cats

When a cat experiences a seizure, their owners are often scared, confused, and overwhelmed. Watching a cat go through a seizure can be a heartbreaking moment, but fortunately treatment options are available. Even better, progress in treating seizure disorders in cats is leading to newer medications that have reduced side effects.The treatment that is used when a cat is suffering from seizures depends on why the seizures are occurring. Cats can experience seizures due to


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