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Respiratory Infections

Respiratory Infections in Cats: An Overview

Upper respiratory tract infections in cats typically are caused by a combination of highly contagious viral and bacterial pathogens. Also called feline viral respiratory disease complex, feline influenza or simply “cat flu,” these infections are among the most common medical disorders faced by owners of domestic cats. They can become quite serious, even to the point of fatality.The vast majority of feline upper respiratory infections are caused with roughly equal frequency by two groups of

Causes of Respiratory Infections in Cats

Respiratory infections in cats can be caused by exposure to certain types of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Viruses and bacteria which cause respiratory infections in cats are highly contagious, and these infections can spread rapidly to other cats.Feline viral rhinotracheitis, and calicavirus, are the two most common causes of respiratory infection in cats. There are multiple strains of these viruses, but vaccination well help to reduce infection rates and the severity of the infection. These

Preventing Respiratory Infections in Cats

The number one way to prevent respiratory infections in cats is to properly vaccinate kittens and cats against these diseases. Keeping cats away from other cats whose vaccination history is unknown, and using quarantine measures when new cats enter a household, will also help to prevent feline respiratory illnesses.If a kitten has recently been adopted, and its vaccination history is unknown, the vaccination series for respiratory infections should begin as soon as possible. Vaccinations should

Types of Respiratory Infections in Cats

Cats, and especially kittens, are prone to developing respiratory disease. Respiratory diseases often present with the same clinical signs, despite their many different causes. While there are many different types of respiratory diseases in cats, most of them are grouped under the heading of “feline upper respiratory disease complex.” Due the similarity of clinical signs and the difficulty in diagnosing the precise cause of the condition, feline upper respiratory disease complex is a name which

Diagnosing Respiratory Infections in Cats

Feline respiratory infections are diagnosed most commonly based upon the cat’s history and clinical signs. Bacterial and tissue cultures may also be used to diagnose the specific cause of the respiratory infection.Cats with respiratory infections display classic clinical signs, regardless of the underlying cause of the disorder. Most veterinarians are well-acquainted with these symptoms, and they are often able to diagnose a respiratory tract infection in cats, or kittens, based only upon a history and

Treating Respiratory Infections in Cats

Treatment of upper respiratory tract infections in cats typically involves supportive care, with the goal being control of secondary bacterial infections and keeping the cat comfortable and well-fed.Most affected cats will be treated at home, which is preferable to in-hospital care, at least from the cat’s perspective. At-home supportive care for cats with respiratory disease is very similar to how we care for people with “the flu.” The cat should be in a calm,


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