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Giardia in Cats: An Overview

Beaver fever, also termed giardiasis or giardia, is a type of intestinal organism that can infect wild mammals, cats, dogs, birds, and people. The organism is spread when an animal drinks water that has been contaminated by the feces of another animal that was infected with giardia or through ingestion of the contaminated feces itself.Once giardiasis infection occurs, the organisms reproduce and cause of variety of intestinal symptoms. The most common symptoms associated with giardia

Symptoms of Giardia in Cats

Giardia infection can cause a variety of intestinal symptoms, which includeIn some instances, infected individuals can carry this parasite without any signs of illness. In pets that show no clinical signs, the parasite can nevertheless be harmful by robbing the intestines of essential nutrients during digestion, causing weight loss or lethargy. Giardia has also been associated with allergies in some species.Giardia is an important parasite for a number of reasons. It poses a risk to

Treating Giardia in Cats

Giardiasis, sometimes called “Beaver Fever”, is an infection by Giardia - a tiny, one-celled motile protozoan parasite that lives in the gastrointestinal tract of people and most domestic animals. Cats are less commonly clinically infected than are dogs, and young animals of all affected species much more commonly show outward signs of clinical disease. Mammals become infected by ingesting the cyst form of the parasite from water, food or fur that is contaminated with infective


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