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Preventing Gas in Cats


Cats may occasionally experience a little gas, especially if they periodically go outside. However, if a cat seems to have more than the usual amount of gas, there are things owners can do to prevent excess flatulence in their cat.

Preventing Gas in Cats

Manage Your Cat's Diet

Gas in cats is most often caused by food changes, eating foul foods, or it is a symptom of food allergy. To prevent gas in your cat, always ensure that you introduce new food very slowly. This is especially important if you are switching kittens to adult cat food, or if your changing your aging cat’s food to a senior diet.

Feeding your cat a highly digestible premium quality cat food will also prevent or reduce gas. Breaking your cat’s food up into portions throughout the day may also help to reduce gas caused by eating too much food in one setting.

Cats should not be fed leftover foods that contain spices, sauces, and other added flavorings which can cause upset stomach and gas. If you want to give your cat a meat treat, try to stick to small plain pieces of chicken or tuna.

Restrict Access to Garbarge

You can reduce or prevent gas caused by eating foul foods by ensuring that your cat does not have access to garbage. All outside bins should be secure, and garbage in the house should be inaccessible as well; if you have any left over foods that you threw away, always take the garbage out of the house immediately so that your cat is not tempted to dig through the garbage.

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