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In the Cat Breed Center you will find a comprehensive list of cat breeds with specific breed information on hundreds of breeds of cats. From the shorthaired cat breeds to cat breeds based on genetic mutations, this is the center for you. You can learn about all the important cat breed characteristics including physical description, personality, potential health issues, historical information, and much more. Check back frequently to see our updated “Featured Breeds of Cats” section.

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Bengal Cat


The Bengal cat breed is new type of domesticated cat breed which resulted from crossing a wild Asian Leopard Cat with domestic house cats. These beautiful and playful cats have a distinctive spotted leopard coat, and the attitude of a loving, energetic, house cat.

The Bengal is a medium to large sized cat, and there are different acceptable coat colors for this breed. All coats have marked leopard like spots and swirls, and many of these cats look exactly like a tiny leopard. Kittens are usually born with camouflage patterns which gradually disappear, and it can take up to one year before their leopard like coat colors come in.


Bengal cats are extremely affectionate and devoted to all members of their home. They are wonderful pets to have if children, other cats, and dogs, are already in the household. They are extremely inquisitive, enjoy playing in water, are one of the few cats that enjoy being walked on a leash, are very energetic and playful, and they love to cuddle.

The Bengal cat also has a very wide range of vocal noises and will frequently communicate through meows of various octaves and even noises which sound like chirps.

Pet owners of the Bengal cat need to ensure that their cat has an interesting and ever changing environment, and receive plenty of attention, to keep them from getting bored. These active cats require a constant stream of new activities including new toys and switching around locations of climbing posts and scratching posts.


The Bengal cat is a healthy feline breed with an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years.


Crosses between Asian Leopard Cats and domesticated house cats have been attempted since the 1800’s, but a successful and consistent cat breed, and line, was not fully developed until the 1980’s. In 1988 a breed standard for the new ‘Bengal Cat’ was released, and the Bengal now has a large number of enthusiasts and devotees which adore this unique feline breed.

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