Cat Urine Marking | Training to Stop Cat Urine Marking | Information on Cat Urine Marking

Cat Urine Marking

Urine Marking
Cat Urine Marking Guide: Here you'll find in-depth information on how to manage your cat's urine marking.

Why Cats Spray Urine

Urine spraying is not confined strictly to intact tomcats. Cats, whether male or female, neutered or unneutered, may spray urine to mark their territory when they feel stressed. Spraying urine is one of many methods that cats use to mark their territory. Other methods include visual marking (e.g. scratching objects) and leaving their scent (e.g. rubbing objects with the side if their face). Cats use territorial marking to delineate or outline their property, thereby reassuring


Cat Training


Cat Scratching

Cat Scratching Guide: Here you'll find in-depth information on how to manage your cat's scratching.


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