Getting a Second Cat | Tips Getting a Second Cat

Getting a Second Cat

Second Cat
Introducing a Second Cat Guide: All the info you need to properly introduce a second cat into your home.

Getting a Second Cat: An Overview

If you love your pet, you may get the urge to add another dog or cat to the household. Here are a few hints to keep in mind so that the newcomer fits in with the resident pet or pets.As a general principle, dogs adapt to a new addition much better than cats. This has to do with the social instincts of the two species. Dogs are social animals. Cats, on the other hand, seldom

Introducing a Second Cat

Cats by nature are solitary creatures, and they are also fiercely territorial. While cats have the tendency to prefer their own company, relationships between cats can flourish especially when two cats are in the same home. If you would like to introduce a second cat into your household, here are a few suggestions that will help both of the cats adjust to one another without too many initial conflicts.Young cats and kittens will easily adjust


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