Cat Breeding

Source: PetWave, Updated on July 16, 2015

Things to Consider

As most people know, cats can be prolific producers of offspring if left to their own whims and desires. Tom cats (unneutered males) tend to roam far and wide to find females to mate with, and queens (intact females) usually welcome them whenever and wherever they show up. In this day and age, it is much more responsible to spay and neuter our companion cats, to prevent rampant reproduction, rather than leaving them intact. There are plenty of kittens and cats available for everyone who wants to adopt one or more. Responsible breeders of purebred cats manage their breeding programs extremely carefully and find appropriate homes for all of their kittens and older cats. They are rarely the source of cats found in rescues or shelters. The cats that end up in shelters usually come from backyard breeders or barn cats that are fed but are not really well cared for, and obviously that are not spayed or neutered at an appropriate age.

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