veterinary surgeon giving Shar-Pei puppy vaccination

Vaccination of Dogs - Introduction

Vaccinations for Dogs Guide: Information on what vaccinations your dog needs, why it needs them, and what to expect with the process.

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The Congenital Hydrocephalus in my dog

Hello, I feed a toy poodle in China. Now i study in Germany. My dog's name is Bao, 4 years...

Sudden affect

just wondering if anyone has ever had a cat that has all of a sudden become ill? My cat is 17...

ear infections

Black Lab Getting Older

My lab is about 12 years old, and thankfully he is staying healthy.  Has anyone tried using a supplement or...

My puppy for head shot

Need puppy


Most Lovable Dogs You Love to Own

Below breed is known for its affection and getting along well with kiddos and other dogs. BullDog:Unjustifiably named a "sourmug,"...

Sick cat

Hello,My 16 yr old cat yesterday had a trip to the vets to get his teeth sorted some cleaned and...

his poor ears

dog and kittens

Will my Portuguese Water Dog be ok with my two month old kittens? 

Mating my bichon/maltease

Looking for a female to mate my Alfie who is two years old and is cross bichon frease and maltease


My pet dog just suffered miscarriage today... Seeing he cry and bleed I feel helpless

Separation anxiety

My 2year old pit hound mix has separation anxiety. When myself or my husband leaves him he acts a fool....

Crate for Strong Pit Terrier

  The main goal of this post is to find a crate that a dog can't break out of or...

Anatolian shepherd.

crossbred anatolian with pyrenees

Does anyone  have experience with dogs that are half pyrenees and half anatolian shepherd?  if so can you elaborate on...

Need cat selection help

Hi, I am a little confused about what breed of cat to get because originally I was thinking a Burmese...

Sudden Death

Yesterday morning I woke up at 8 to my cat lying outside my bedroom door on his side, struggling to...

boston terriers

hey everybody,my wife and i have a 16 week old boston terrier puppy named rico. we love him with all...

Puppy Yawns and Yelps/Vocal/Whine

I have a 6.5 month old puppy.  I got her at 2 months. When I first got her I noticed...

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