pile of socks

Dog Swallowed Foreign Object, Now What?

If your dog has swallowed a foreign object it may pass naturally without difficulty, but the object can become stuck and cause major problems.

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looking for the right female dog

Have a unregistered Golden Retriever, young good looking male. want to breed once before he is fixed. Breed of female...

finding a a smappl dog

ijust want get a  very smaal to rescue

Munchkin Gremlin

"Mogwai" the munchkin is the typical gremlin. Do not feed them after midnight and NEVER get them wet. 

Munchkin "Mogwai"

Mogwai the munchkin proves that big things CAN come in small packages.

Munchkin Pop-Up

Punkin the munchkin has to pop-up to get a glance around. 

Munchkin Posin

Pippin the munchkin posin. Short legs just don't tuck the same.  

Munckin "Punkin"

When a munchkin just doesn't know what to wear...just grab the coat of every color! "Punkin" the munchkin is pleased...

Munchkin Fun

Go ahead! Pour yourself a glass of cuteness. Pippin the munchkin had to try out several giant glasses to find...

Pomeranian Inconsolable

Nanuk knows how to really express his sadness when daddy goes away for a trip. He's completely devastated and just...

Pomeranian Blue Eyed Baby

Just drop two strikingly blue marbles into a pile of fluff...and voila! "Kui Xing" will stare at you until you...

Pom Fun

mating purpose

hello,i m from Silvassa, i am looking for a female beagle for our male Beagle Scooby. Kindly let know if...

Kidney failure

Was diagnosed with kidney failure. Sent home I will give IV to hydrate her. Had vitamin B shot. Hope to...

Sudden Death of Cat Age 11

I just lost my Little Baby Tiger Lily.  She had that long name because there was a Tiger Lily before...

Kidney Failure! Help Tiger!

Hi Everyone,Thanks for taking time and reading my post. My kitty Tiger is very sick. The diagnose is a kidney...

Cat Sudden Death

On Tuesday morning of this week, our cat, Flower, died suddenly.  It has been very traumatic for us.  He was...

Little Baby Tiger Lily - just lost her

I just lost my Tiger Lily. I was right there. She was fine all day, yesterday, day before. Today, as...

Sudden Death - Tiger Lily

I just lost my Tiger Lily.  I was right there.  She was fine all day, yesterday, day before.  Today, as...

Are there any Maltese meet-ups

I’ve been looking for other Maltese owners for play mates with Max to exercise some of his energy and make...

Max A Million

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