dog taking temperature with thermometer

Dog Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke in Dogs: Learn about Heat Stroke, including how it can affect your dog, and what options are available to manage this type of emergency condition.

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deaf puppy

I have a deaf puppy bichin malteze 3 months old.Where can i buy him a hearing aid device.please advicethanks in...

My cat got scratched on the eye and won't open his eye.

About a week ago, my cat, Storm got scratched in the eye. At first we thought it wasn't serious beause...

Cat with a scratch on his eye PLEASE HELP!

My cat Kato received a small (minor) scratch to his eye a couple days ago, after which was immediately flushed...

HELP! What do I do?

My neighbors have 3 dogs they stay in cages all day outside they are fed and watered and occasionally let...

my dachshund has an overbite and her tongue hangs out?

Does anyone have a dog with an over bite? she is a miniature breed as well!!! I think it is...

pill problem

can I give my dog his pills without the capsule? He is on Amoxicillin 500mg and Im having a hard...


What is the best type 1 service alert dog?

Is Kibbles N Bits Good?

I've been feeding my dog kibbles n bits since he was 3 weeks old when I adopted him he likes...

looking for a mate

5 year old bichon looking for a emale to mate with

Mixed breeds

Puppy Yawns and Yelps/Vocal/Whine

I have a 6.5 month old puppy.  I got her at 2 months. When I first got her I noticed...

Devastated looking for answers

I'm so glad to find info on this subject.I have been in vet field for over 20 years and have...

R.I.P Loki

My 1 year old manecoon died last year a couple of days before Christmas. He came into my house, went...

Cat Sudden Death

On Tuesday morning of this week, our cat, Flower, died suddenly.  It has been very traumatic for us.  He was...

Senior cat needs to gain weight!

I really could use someone's wisdom to make my 16 year old black domestic short hair cat fat!She's healthy and...

my kitten gust dead

my kitten gust dead it was meowing and then not long later dead

Sudden Kitten Death

Our kitten passed this morning at about three am. He had no symptoms two days ago, his symptoms began yesterday...

Barkley the golden doodle


How do you know if your dog has bacterial meningitis or steroid responsive meningitis?

Feline Cardiomyopathy

My cat died of feline cardiomyopathy two days ago. She was lying outside in the tall grass in the shade....

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