woman in bed getting kissed by dog

To Kiss My Dog Or Not? That Is The Question…

Many of us have done it, or know someone who has: kiss and get kissed by a dog on the face. However, how safe are those smooches from our pooches?

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Our Sheltie is deaf

Is there any way we can offer he a better quality of life?  She is wonderful and very loving. She...

Sudden death of my cat

My absolute best friend in feline form passed away this past Monday morning completely unexpectedly.  To say I am devastated...

Pancreatic Cyst

My dog (10 year old Husky Collie mix) has just been diagnosed with a pancreatic cyst.  For about 2 months...

Chronic Active Hepatitis

Has anyone experienced Chronic Active Hepatitis with they're dog?  Ours was diagnosed in July, seemed to get better and then...

Is Kibbles N Bits Good?

I've been feeding my dog kibbles n bits since he was 3 weeks old when I adopted him he likes...

What kind of dog

Need help what kind of dog is this

Type of breed

Hi cat lovers my beautiful feline looks like a lynx point Siamese but I am not sure.could someone help me find...

good and active companion

Looking for a type of dog that is mellow and active. I had an Akita and I enjoy its energy...

Sudden breathing problems

after reading the stories and trying to find a reason of why my cat died, I realize that this all...

Yorkshire Terriers

I have the papers on my dog. It says Yorkshire Terrier. My dog does not look like a yorkie.

Mini Dachshund won't eat

I have a mini Dachshund approximately 8 years old  and she refuses to eat. She drinks water and urinates also...

Tick on my dogs face

i just picked up my dog from sitter. He had 2 ticks on his face and had been drooling for...


I call Ruggie ...my Spoiled Rotten Rolly Polly 😘😱 Because he is so spoiled because of me. He will ONLY...

Short hair dogs

Get a cute, short haired, nice, and good to kids dog.

Sudden affect

just wondering if anyone has ever had a cat that has all of a sudden become ill? My cat is 17...

Cat Sudden Death

On Tuesday morning of this week, our cat, Flower, died suddenly.  It has been very traumatic for us.  He was...

Senior cat needs to gain weight!

I really could use someone's wisdom to make my 16 year old black domestic short hair cat fat!She's healthy and...

Need answers please!

my beautiful little cat named ashes passed today my heart is completely broken I'm writing this in complete tears as...

brick for brains

NALA BLUE our Akita has tremendous protection tendencies which come in handy. But hard headed, my goodness. 

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